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Butia bonetti
Butia capitata
Butia capitata
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Butia paraguayensis

Common name: unknown
Native to: Paraguay
Mature height: 6'
Mature spread: 10'
Growth Habit: solitary
Leaf type: pinnate
Butia paraguayensis

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Dick Douglas Garden
Walnut Creek


Similar to Butia capitata, but a smaller size. Trunks are usually Subterranean when grown in dry fast draining soil. Specimens planted in soils other than gritty fast draining soils tend to have above ground trunks. Leaves are long and gracefully delicate with color varying from gray to dark green. Very drought tolerant and not affected by heavy winds. Delicious edible fruit, although the seed nut is not edible but used for fish bate in native Paraguay. Natural habitat threatened due to farmland value.

This species in the garden:
Growth rate: slow
Sunlight: full sun
Water: low
Cold Tolerance: 20 F
Seed or plant availability: rare

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