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Our Palm Society Chapter gets 501c3

PSNCC 501c3

By Dan Sekella
Contact Info:
The Northern California Chapter of the International Palm Society has received final approval from The Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation, (a nonprofit corporation incorporated in 1981) to be a participant in their umbrella / partnership program for 501(C)(3) tax status effective November 18, 2004. Your financial contributions to our chapter are now tax deductible if sent to the "Friends" and earmarked for the Northern California Chapter of the IPS. The approval comes just in time for a 2004 tax deduction.

More information will follow but here is a quick overview of how the financial arrangements will be handled:

Do not send any correspondence and/or checks directly to the "Friends". All contributions to the Chapter should be send to the Northern California Chapter Treasurer (Darold Petty) but the check must be made out to "The Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation" with an entry on the check memo line "NOR CAL PALM SOCIETY". Our Treasurer will transfer the checks to the "Friends" office in Oakland and they will be deposited directly into the "Friends" bank account. When the Society needs some funds released to cover expenditures at Lakeside; our treasurer will submit an invoice to the "Friends". The Society will not commingle our auction revenue in the "Friends" account and we will continue to maintain our own bank account.

Contact Dan Sekella
Phone: (925) 825-8966
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