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 Palmetums and Palm Gardens of Northern CaliforniaA listing of places in Northern California to see palms and related species.

 Roadside Arboretum of Washington TownshipThe unofficial arboretum of Fremont, Union City and Newark, California. Includes photographs and descriptions of 23 palm varieties growing outdoors in Northern California.

 University of California Botanical GardenThe garden has a “tropical house” conservatory surrounded by a classic palm garden featuring many species of Brahea and Sabal palms of the USA and Mexico, as well as plantings of palms native to various regions of the world situated in each of the gardens nine geographical region displays.

 Easterbrook Bird FountainCarrara marble bird fountain donated by Mrs. Daniel E. Easterbrook in 1914 located in the proposed Mediterranean Garden connected to the Oakland Palmetum.

 Palm Society AnnouncementsAnnouncements and events for the Northern California Chapter, Palm Society.

 Postcards of Northern CaliforniaA large collection of vintage postcards including Northern California, Southern California, Other US States and World destinations, depicting the ever popular and always in style Palm Tree.

Nurseries and Services
 Golden Gate Palms NurseryWe Create Paradise -- Our mission at Golden Gate Palms Nursery is to beautify the Northern California Landscape through the intelligent, artistic, and appropriate use of palms and other extraordinary exotic plants of distinction.

 Great Valley Palms NurseryOwned by Niel Miner. This nursery is open by appointment only. There is an inventory of great palms including Mules, Parajubaea torallyii, Butia, Edible subtropical and desert trees, etc. Specimen Cycads are also available including some unusual hybrids bred for cold tolerance and beauty. Palm fertilizer on hand in large sacks.

Text or talk to Niel at 916-468-8381 Call ahead since there is only Niel available to help you. email 8041 Rivergreen Drive Elverta, CA 95626

 Las Palmas Design & AssociatesLas Palmas Design & Associates in Los Altos, California -- A turnkey landscape design company specializing in tropical landscapes. Imagine a tropical paradise dream escape with practical solutions and appropriate species for this climate surrounding your home or business. Phone Jim Denz at 650-961-7072

 Neon Palm NurseryNEON PALM NURSERY (Palm Island Nursery Outlet) 3525 Stony Point Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95407 Phone: 707-585-8100 Two locations to serve you and one more soon. Specializing in specimen Palm Trees. 10% discounts for palm society members. Crane and Truck delivery service up to 55 ft in length or larger items by bid quote. Planting, Transplanting, Design and Installation of Landscape.

 Nickel Palm NurseryNickel Palm Nursery is here to help you create your Own Paradise of Palms by providing the best selections for your part of the planet.
29343 Merced Avenue

 Palm Island Nursery OutletPALM ISLAND NURSERY OUTLET and Growing Grounds 3851 Joslyn Ln Vacaville Ca 95688 Phone for appointment: 888-599-PALM Two locations to serve you and one more soon. Specializing in specimen Palm Trees.

Palm resources
 A Practical Guide to Germinating Palm SeedsWith most palms, propagation from seed is not difficult as long as a few basic requirements are met. Among the most important are fresh seed, good sanitation, proper medium, proper hydration, and adequate heat. Each of these points will be discussed separately, although they are inter-related.

 Highland palms / Pacific cool growing palmsParajubaea Cocoides and parajubaea torallyi, Ceroxylon quindiense, alpinum etc...Caryota urens, Himalaya, gigas etc...

 History of Rhapis PalmsCultivated Species & Varieties Culture and Care of the Lady Palms. Rhapis, known as Lady Palms, can be found in homes and gardens throughout the world. The widespread popularity of these multi-cane fan palms can be attributed to their adaptability to a wide range of soils, climates, and environments.

 History of Subtropical GardeningPalm Pioneers and Plant Collectors, The Victorian Passion for Plants,

 PACSOF Palm photo galleryPACSOF species list photo gallery

 Palm Paintings by Edith BergstromRenowned California artist best known for dramatic images of palm trees. Enjoy large oil paintings, watercolors and glicee prints.

 Predicting Hardiness In PalmsInteresting and informative article by Larry R. Noblick, Ph.D., Collections Manager, Montgomery Botanical Center

 What’s in a (Botanical) Name?DEFINITIONS: This glossary consists of all palm and cycad genus names, and many of their specific epithets,

 California Horticultural SocietyThe California Horticultural Society (affectionately known as Cal Hort) is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together gardeners and garden professionals to share experiences. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities for California gardeners and horticulturists.

 International Palm SocietyHome page for the International Palm Society.

 Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida, Inc. (PACSOF),Resource for palm identification.

 Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia (PACSOA)A catalog of palm and cycad species worldwide.

 PALM SOCIETY NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTERThe Northern California Chapter of the IPS has a newsletter bulletin available by email. Chapter Updates and News is available by email for those that request to be added to our list. We also provide meetings notices as appropriate to our local members via US Mail and post dates on this website. For further information, write to Northern California Chapter, International Palm Society, c/o 1410 Mohr Court, Concord, CA 94518 U.S.A. email

 Palm Society of Southern CaliforniaMembership entitles you to receive The Palm Journal printed bimonthly, color covers, and black and white photographs throughout the inside. Each issue is devoted to one genus and includes members growing experiences with that particular genus. You will also find palm book reviews, members trips to far off lands in search of palms. Lesser known palms for southern California. Advertisements for palm grower and seed suppliers as well as the bookstore update.

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