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Brahea edulis

Common name: Guadelupe Palm *
Native to: Mexico
Mature height: 30 feet
Mature spread: 10 to 15 f
Growth Habit: solitary
Leaf type: palmate
Brahea edulis

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Dick Douglas Garden
Walnut Creek


Brahea edulis is native only to Guadalupe Island, and the island is completely overrun with goats, it would be safe to say it's conservation status there is threatened. The youngest trees are about 150 years old, and the goats eat every single seedling. But this plant is doing better than many of the other endemic specie of the island. Of course Brahea edulis is rather popular in California and other Mediterranean climate areas as an ornamental and is readily available. You can expect to see frond damage when temperatures drop to 22 F.

Brahea edulis

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Dale Motiska Garden
This species in the garden:
Growth rate: moderate
Sunlight: full sun
Water: medium to little
Cold Tolerance: 20 F
Seed or plant availability: common

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