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Bismarckia nobilis

Bismarckia nobilis

Common name: Bismark Palm
Native to: Madagascar
Mature height: 30'
Mature spread: 16'
Growth Habit: solitary
Leaf type: palmate
Bismarckia nobilis

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Jim Denz Garden
Los Altos


There are both a green form and a blue form of the Bismarkia. The Green form is very tender and will only grow outdoors in coastal Southern California. However, the Blue form which starts out a brilliant Purple is hardy to the low 20s in low humidity. Bismarck Palms may be planted in either sunny or partially shady conditions. However, while this is not a fast growing palm, it grows fastest and have the brightest leaf color in full sun. Tolerate a variety of soil types provided that the soil is well-drained. Regular watering will result in a finely cultivated specimen, but this palm will also tolerate some drought and salt. Prune sparingly. Avoid damaging lower trunk and roots. Transplanting established specimens is not recommended for this tree.

Bismarckia nobilis

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Jim Denz Garden
Los Altos
Bismarckia nobilis

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Dale Motiska Garden
This species in the garden:
Growth rate: moderate
Sunlight: full sun
Water: moderate
Cold Tolerance: 22 F
Seed or plant availability: limited

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