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Chamaedorea stolonifera

Common name: Reed Like Palm
Native to: Mexico Southeast
Mature height: 5 ft
Mature spread: 5 ft +
Growth Habit: multiple
Leaf type: bifid
Chamaedorea stolonifera

photo by: Dennis Valdez
David Sylvia and Eric Christensen Garden
San Jose


An easy to grow reliable and attractive palm native to Southeastern Mexico from shady, moist, limestone based rainforest and habitats naturally to South America. This palm gets its name from the stolons which creep along the ground. Stolon is a form of horizontal rhizome or runner which grows above the surface of the ground. This is one of the best forms of reproduction of this tree and gives protection to the species because if damage occurs to the upper part of the tree, it is more likely to survive because new growth will come from ground level. Typically used in the landscape as an under-story plant. This can also be kept in a pot since it never gets too big and can also be moved to an indoor location since it can tolerate deep shade and some neglect. These Palms have thin green stems (trunks) with raised annular leaf rings. Stems form clumps with numerous small canes.. Leaves are elegant dark green bifid, deeply notched to two thirds of their length divided at the tip and somewhat similar to a fishtail with mildly serrated edges. This Palm can be used as a shrub or a hedge and forms large stands vegetatively by stolons which will naturally reproduce it's self, spread quickly and form colonies. Rooted stolons can be easily removed and transplanted. Grows best in warm, sheltered, moist well-drained soil and can be quite drought tolerant. Light shade to shade and will tolerate low light when used as an indoor plant. Regular watering is recommended, best when kept moist but can tolerate some drought. Flower stalk emerges from the lowest leaves. This is a dioecious palm which has both male and female plants and this is one of the few palms that does not require seed production for reproduction. Since nearly all plants in cultivation are female, most propagation is by stolon divisions.

The "Teddy Buelher" Clone has the smaller bifid leaves.

Chamaedorea stolonifera

photo by: Dennis Valdez
David Sylvia and Eric Christensen Garden
San Jose
Chamaedorea stolonifera

photo by: Dennis Valdez
David Sylvia and Eric Christensen Garden
San Jose
This species in the garden:
Growth rate: slow
Sunlight: shade
Water: keep moist
Cold Tolerance: 27 F
Seed or plant availability: scarce

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