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Butia catarinensis

Common name: Jelly, Pindo, Odorata
Native to: Brazil
Mature height: 9 ft
Mature spread:
Leaf type: pinnate


Butia catarinensis; formerly known as Butia odorata, Butia capitata var. odorata, Butia capitata "Nana",

It is endemic to south-eastern Brazi growing along the coastal area. It is named after the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina and is also found in Paran� and Rio Grande do Sul. Natural populations start south of Floianopolis, Santa Catarina and continue south to the northeast corner of the state of Rio Grande do Sul near the community of Torres. It is more compact than B. capitata is suited to tolerate more windy conditions. The trunk is more slender, and will reach 6 to 9 feet tall when mature. The elegant pinnate leaves are bluish and the trunk is slender. The seeds smaller and eliptical in shape, but the fruit is as edible and delicious as other Butia. The leaves are more blue than other Butia. It grows in huge populations in non threatened areas, therefore seed is somewhat easily available.

Location: Brazil (-27.271557�N, -48.867188�E)

There a couple variations of catarinensis like smaller size with almost no armor and leaf variations.

This species in the garden:
Growth rate:
Sunlight: full Sun
Water: low
Cold Tolerance: 14 F
Seed or plant availability:

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