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Parajubaea cocoides
Parajubaea torallyi

Parajubaea cocoides

Common name: Quito Coconut Palm
Native to: Ecuador
Mature height: 35'
Mature spread: 12'
Growth Habit: solitary
Leaf type: pinnate
Parajubaea cocoides

photo by: Dan Sekella
Lakeside Palmetum


The growth rate of this tree is moderate and does not stop growing during colder winter months. Highly recommended in areas that have little or no frost. While availability is limited, this too is a recommended tree to grow because of the fruit bearing habit. Walnut size coconuts are produced in as little as 7 years after being planted from seed. The mini coconuts will also contain coconut milk. Some have reported slow germination of seeds, but I have also hard of trees growing from seed that has fallen to the ground in only a few months from a trees first crop of coconuts. More information about a San Francisco specimen in Palm Journal article

Parajubaea cocoides

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Darold Petty Garden
San Francisco
Parajubaea cocoides

photo by: Dennis Valdez
U. C. Berkeley Botanical Garden
Parajubaea cocoides

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Darold Petty Garden
San Francisco
This species in the garden:
Growth rate: moderate
Sunlight: full sun
Water: moderate
Cold Tolerance: low 20s
Seed or plant availability: very limited

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