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Phoenix acaulis
Phoenix canariensis
Phoenix canariensis x dactylifera
Phoenix dactylifera
Phoenix loureirii var. hanceana
Phoenix loureirii var. loureirii
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Phoenix pusilla x roebelenii
Phoenix reclinata
Phoenix reclinata x roebelenii
Phoenix reclinata x rupicola
Phoenix roebelenii
Phoenix roebelenii var. reasoneri
Phoenix roebelenii x canariensis
Phoenix rupicola
Phoenix sylvestris
Phoenix sylvestris var. robusta
Phoenix theophrastii
Phoenix zeylanica

Phoenix roebelenii

Common name: Pygmy Date Palm
Native to: Laos
Mature height: 12'
Mature spread: 6'
Growth Habit: solitary
Leaf type: pinnate
Phoenix roebelenii

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Dennis Valdez Garden


Frost protection is recommended. Takes full sun, but prefers to be positioned in an area that avoids the sun in the later part of the day.

The fourth photo is a reclining specimen. About a dozen years ago, (now 2004) the temperature dropped to 22 F and the leaves defoliated. Jack kept slicing across the crown, using the Dent Smith method. At first the new leaves were tiny, but then they became regular size. However, they were growing horizontally at an angle. The trunk would turn slightly up and then collapse to the ground. This has happened several times. Jacks theory is that when he applied the radical surgery, it branched. The original crown died and the new one is growing horizontally on the ground.

Phoenix roebelenii

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Lakeside Palmetum
Phoenix roebelenii

photo by: Dennis Valdez
Dale Motiska Garden
Phoenix roebelenii

photo by: Jack Tomsky
Jack Tomsky Garden
Palo Alto
This species in the garden:
Growth rate: moderate
Sunlight: moderate
Water: keep moist
Cold Tolerance: 25 F
Seed or plant availability: common

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